Where To Find A Free Grammar And Spell Checker Online

In the world of freelance writers, there is always a need in someone (or something) that can help us find and correct our mistakes. Modern technology allows us to simply download a program onto our computer and use it to our advantage. But here’s the catch – the best software is not free, and some freelancers (mostly the beginners) don’t have the money or desire to buy it. Sometimes big-time software developers request a considerable amount of money for their product. So, in this article we will explore where to find a spell and grammar checker online for free.

  1. Browser extensions
  2. The majority of modern internet browsers have an extension function which can be customized so suit your needs. For example, you can change the appearance, add new tabs, shortcuts, ad-blockers, etc. You can find decent spelling and grammar checkers in the lists of browser extensions and use them to check your spelling in real time inside your browser environment.

  3. Freeware checkers
  4. There are plenty of freeware or partially freeware checkers on the Web, but let’s be honest. Totally freeware programs are usually written by amateurs– they are laggy and crash a lot, which causes a lot of headaches. Many of them can’t even recognize simple mistakes. And the partially freeware programs are even trickier – offering a good service either for a limited amount of time or until a certain limit of checks is exceeded, or even providing a shortened list of available functions. Usually, you have to purchase or unlock premium access to continue using them. It’s up to you to try these softwares, and maybe you will find a pearl in the ocean of sand.

  5. Pirate software
  6. The most promising area to find what you need is pirated software: a cracked or hacked version of a program, which allows all the premium functionality for free. There are plenty of opportunities to find such content on the Web by searching on torrent trackers or ed2k networks. Many people in the world do it. For example, 75% of software in China is of pirated origin. But it’s not as bright as it initially seems. A considerable downside exists – a chance of being submitted to legal action for using an unlicensed software copy (especially in Western countries). Paying a fine in this case can be much more expensive than purchasing a legal product. So, a question you should ask yourself – is it worth the risk?


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