4 Useful Suggestions On How To Motivate Kids To Do Homework

As a parent, it is not always easy to make your children pay attention to the important things. For you, homework is something essential while their main priority is playing. A big amount of homework will be a burden for your children, so you need to make sure that they don’t have more pressure than they can handle. Even so, there are some tricks that you can apply to make them more motivated.

  1. Make it entertaining. It not easy for them to focus one hour to read plain text and to answer boring questions. You have to turn their work into something fun if you want to keep them interesting. For example, instead of simply writing an essay about a certain author, search together for fun facts about this personality. A good laugh and your child will write his essay without too much effort.
  2. Divide it into smaller sections. When he needs to work on a big piece of text, he can get bored in a few minutes. It is not easy for a child to be focused on a task for a long time. If you divide the text into a few smaller parts, it will be simple to complete. Appreciate every part of his work that he is finishing, and while he is writing, you can correct his composition.
  3. Take breaks. You can’t force him to sit on his desk for hours without being distracted. As a child, he is always curious about new things around him and he will lose his interest easily. Let him take short breaks every 40 minutes and in this time he can have a snack, play with his pet or talk with you.
  4. Reward him. To offer him something every time he makes his homework is not recommended, because soon enough he will become used to this. However, he needs to understand that all homework will count for his final grade at the end of the semester. For hard work, he deserves a reward, so you can discuss a prize he wants to get if he gets a good final grade. If he wants a bicycle, for example, hang a picture with one next to his desk. In this manner, he will have his goal in front of his eyes all the time, and he will be motivated to complete his tasks.

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