Should you only limit yourself to the use of online resources when doing your psychology homework?

Following The Instructors Instructions

The most important factor in trying to figure out if you should limit yourself to the use of only online resources when doing your psychology homework is – what were the instructions given by the professor? Instructors can give a variety of different instructions when it comes to the source of research for assignments. Some professors assign tasks that can only be completed online. While other professors give homework assignments that require only resources that can be found in a physical library. So the first and most essential thing to do when trying to figure out where your resources should come from is to follow the instructions given to you by your professor.

Find All Resources Possible

If the professor hasn’t indicated whether the resources had to come from online or physical resources then your best method is to first determine all of the resources that you’d like to look at for your paper. Do an extensive library search online. Almost every library has everything indexed online. This will allow you to search library catalogues that show you everything available both in the physical library and online. University libraries and government libraries are often the best resource for these types of searches. And when you search using these resources the online searches will indicate whether you can get the item online or from your library directly. Some libraries even offer services where they’ll scan in articles or whole book chapters and email them to you to save you the trip to the library in person.

Finding The Best Type Of Online Resources

The absolute best way to find online resources is to use search engines that search research and books such as Google scholar. In fact, you can use this resources as your first search when doing research. Google scholar will indicate which resources that meet your search criteria are available online and which are not. Then you can search other libraries and resources for the full text of the resources which were not identified as existing online through the search engine.

Notes on using online resources:

  • Be sure to follow the required reference format for online resources which may include the website link, or the date you retrieved the item from the internet.
  • Online resources are often most complicated due to things like missing authors, dates, and other essential pieces of information necessary for referencing.
  • Reference lists can be complicated due to online resources. Be sure to follow instructions precisely on the academic style in which you must reference.

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