Homework help: 10 tips to overcome procrastination

  1. Baby steps
  2. Working on your assignments a little at a time is the best way to generate a flow. It’s almost like tricking yourself, because starting off with one line will generally lead you to think about the next; and the next; etc.

  3. Start early
  4. Prevent procrastination by making your homework a priority. Don’t plan to do your homework after you’ve done four other tasks. Do your homework immediately after you get home and leave everything else for later. Ball and chain

    Not enough can be said about forcing yourself to sit at your desk and stare at your screen. Procrastination breeds freely when you allow yourself to get up. Going to the toilet, getting a drink of water, checking on your vegetable garden; these are all just excuses to do something other than what you should be doing. Handcuff yourself to your desk and throw away the key until you are finished.

  5. The off buttons
  6. Distractions are your enemy. Turn off your phone, lock your door, and if need be, disconnect your internet. Get earplugs if you must.

  7. Divide and conquer
  8. Before you get overwhelmed with your homework, divide it up into manageable sections. Make sure those sections are small and unintimidating. Then, systematically work on one section at a time.

  9. Watch the clock
  10. Time yourself. If you’re going to force yourself to work, make sure you monitor the time. When procrastination hits, time seems to slow down. This will frustrate you and you will end up opting to work in order to make time move faster.

  11. An undesirable alternative
  12. Offer up two options to yourself. On the one hand, you could do your homework; on the other hand, you could do something else constructive that you’ve been putting off for a while. Make sure you choose something really undesirable. If you still procrastinate, be sure to do the other task until homework seems like a better alternative.

  13. Give yourself a pep talk
  14. Gear yourself up by reminding yourself (out loud) of the rewards of finishing—as well as the consequences of not.

  15. Scribble
  16. Don’t be too hard on yourself in terms of work quality. Just scribble down your work and get it done. Refining it later won’t take nearly as long.

  17. Breaks are for sissies
  18. Once you get into a flow, stay in that flow. Patting yourself on the back and taking a break will just give you more excuses to procrastinate all over again.


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