Is War Inevitable?

When asked if war is inevitable, there are conflicting notions of the statement. Some researchers say that it is inevitable, while other argue that it is something new in the past ten thousand years. Either way, you have to look at the facts when it comes to war and the pros and cons of it. War is something that is usually started because of a conflict. These conflicts can vary but it is mostly because they want to protect their way of life or make their life better. These reasons are the main reasons we have gone to war with others. But this hasn’t always been the case.

In 1900, a war was fought over someone sitting on a gold stool, which was sacred to the Ashanti Empire. Also in 1840, on San Juan Island, which is in between Canada and Washington state a war began over a pig getting shot. This was because there were no boundaries set between the two places and each side thought they had say so on that part of land when the pig was shot. So you could say that war is in our nature but some would say that it can be abolished like slavery, the death penalty, and other things that we have done away with in the past.

One argument that antiwar backers tell the masses is that you have to train physically and mentally to go to war and you don’t see people that don’t go to war with regret because they didn’t go to war. War is mainly about how governments get control of something they want or need, hence the battle over oil the past few decades. It’s not that it is impossible to not go to war, it is just what some see as what needs to be done at that time to keep the people happy.

It’s hard to say if war is inevitable or not because it is in the eye of the beholder. If you look at it one way, it’s because we are trying to defend what we have or what we need. Then there is the effects that if leaves on the people fighting the wars and the countries involved. Which leaves both of the scarred for the rest of their lives. It’s not an argument on whether or not war is inevitable as it is, if it is right or wrong.


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