How To Do My Homework Quickly

Doing homework in a reasonable amount of time is very difficult for the students nowadays. There are so much activities and distractions like social network websites, online games and forums, television, cell phones etc. that waste the time of students. The students need to be focused and concentrate on their work as it is a great opportunity of learning. Every student wants to complete his or her work in time in order to have time for the other social activities.

Here are some special tips that would help you out if you want to do your work quickly.

Homework as a study guide:

You should think of homework as a study guide. It must be done not just for getting rid of a burden. It should be done like an active learning assignment. You should try to make connections of it with the lecture of the class or with something that you read online. You should try to think out of the box and work in a creative way.

Power Down:

It is a weird idea for you if you are reading it for the first time. We should control the electronic devices not the other way around. You should power off the electronic devices like television, computer and cell phone while you are studying. Try to study in a peaceful place, away from the distractions to concentrate fully on the work.

Ten Minutes Rule:

A scientific study showed that ten minutes per grade rule is very helpful in doing homework quickly. It means that a first grader must be giving ten minutes and a 12th grader must be giving 120 minutes to the homework. This is the maximum time in which the student must complete the work, but it could be minimized by consistently following the instructions above. The parents should try to help the child in the process but must not baby feed.


Well, homework brings frustration to many students and their parents, but it is not such a hurdle if done properly. A student must trust his or her instinct when he or she faces a hurdle and try to solve it him or herself. There are a lot of forums online and guiding material which helps a student to manage time. More than ninety percent of the time, you need just to follow good study skills and you can make a great difference.


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