Homework Can Be Fun: Some Great Advice for School Students

Many school students wish they did not have any homework at all, but perhaps they just don’t know how to make it fun. Here are some tips to stop hating your homework and start enjoying it.

  • Create a comfortable studying environment.
  • Use the stationery of colors and designs you like – they may even be funky. Make sure that your desk has enough light and that the room is neither too cold nor too hot.

  • Draw funny pictures.
  • Visualization is helpful for most homework assignments, and it is your chance to add a bit of fun. If your question is about two cars that are driving to meet each other, draw Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera. Draw arrows from each one to another and write their speed. Then state the distance. This way solving a math problem will become an adventure with your favorite heroes.

  • Turn on your favorite music.
  • In order not to get distracted, just set it low.

  • Use your imagination.
  • If you have to write about a historical personality, imagine that you are this person. What was it like to be, say, Oliver Cromwell? What would he answer to this question about him? If your assignment is about business, pretend that you are a managing director and have to develop this plan for your own company.

  • Compete with yourself.
  • Note how much time it usually takes you to do homework. Try to do it a bit faster today, without any damage to quality. Write your present time record on a sheet of paper and put it in front of you. Every time you beat this record, cross it out and write a new one. You will feel proud of your achievements. You may also find it easier to focus on your homework now that you have additional motivation.

  • Get healthy snacks.
  • Put a bowl of them close at hand and reward yourself for every question answered.

  • Take breaks.
  • Your homework might seem such a burden just because you do not get enough rest. After every 45 minutes of work, stand up from your desk and spend 5-10 minutes walking around. Come outdoors to get some fresh air. Have a snack or drink a glass of water. However, do not try to sleep during your breaks, neither make them longer than 20 minutes – you may become too unwilling to complete your homework then.

  • Find a companion to do your homework together.
  • Just make sure that you actually work on your assignments, not simply have a chat.


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