What Are The Reliable Sources With Online Homework Help?

Looking for homework help online? Here is what you should keep an eye out for.

  1. An up to date modern website
  2. One of the telling signs of a real online homework helping website is the look of their actual website. If it looks like something that was put together back in 1995 chances are the website is no longer in operation. Not to mention poorly made sites that do not look professional could be scams. For this reason it is better to stay away from any homework tutoring websites that do not have a current webpage.

  3. They have customer reviews on them and elsewhere on the Internet
  4. Another way to tell if a homework help site is reliable is by their client reviews. A real tutoring website should have reviews located both on their website and elsewhere on the Internet. These should appear to be authentic and look as if they have been written by real users of the website.

  5. They Are Available 24/7 In Real Time
  6. Through online chatrooms or texting the tutors whom you hire from the website should be available in real time to answer questions. Most legitimate homework assistance websites offer this as a service to their clients. We would suggest that users be weary of any site that does allow you to communicate directly with your tutor at any time.

  7. The Website Is Written In English
  8. This one should go without saying- but English speaking High School and Post Secondary students should really stay away from non-English speaking homework help sites. Sites that are from a foreign country with non-English speaking tutors are usually scams. (Unless, you are looking for someone to tutor you in learning a new language.)

  9. They provide examples!
  10. Before you hire just anyone to help you with your homework online, you will want to make sure they are real. Sadly, over the years more and more online scams have emerged to take advantage of desperate students seeking homework help. The best way to assure that the tutor that you are thinking about hiring is real is by asking for an example from them. Then, run this example through a copy-checking program to make sure that it comes up as original and if t doesn’t proceed with caution.

    This strategy only works with writing assignment help. Finding assistance with math or science problems is much more difficult because it is harder to verify the helpers credentials.


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