Interesting ways of helping your child with homework

There will probably come a time in every parent’s life that they will have to help their child with their homework. Homework is probably just as boring for you, as it is for them. If you have some interesting ways of helping them complete their homework, it may be a little more interesting for the both of you. Here are some ideas on how to spice up your homework life.

Have your child teach you.

One way to make it a little more interesting is to have your child teach you how to do the problem that they are working on. When they have to explain the concept to you, they learn it better for themselves. The mere act of explaining to you the concept and answer your questions will help it stick better in their heads. They also will feel pretty cool about you doing homework instead of them.

Make a game out of it.

If you can find a way to make learning a game for your child, it will be easier to get them involved. For example, if you are helping them learn their spelling words, make up silly sentences to explain the words. Try to come up with something really ridiculous that incorporates green elephants or flying tea cups. You can also help them learn their words by making up silly songs. If they need help in math, grab a bag of skittles and have them use the skittles to solve math problems. If they get it right, they can eat the answer. You can also have them spell their words one by one using skittles.

Find some cool online games to help.

Recruit the trusty internet to help. If your child is struggling in math, find a cool math game online that they can do to help them learn their facts. There are a lot of free resources that you can find online to help your child without making them feel like they are doing extra work. Some of these programs will even track their progress so the games will become more challenging the longer that they work on them.

These are just a few great ways to make homework more fun for you and your child. The key is to just set out time each day to sit with them and work through their problems. The worst thing that you can do is tell them to go in their room and don’t come out until they are done. Have them sit with you and work with them to get the homework complete.


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