How to Deal with My Physics Homework Assignments Easily

After you successfully conquered the burdens of algebra, making sense of numbers becoming letters and parenthesis becoming something other than an explanatory section of a sentence, a guidance counselor offers to enroll you in a physics class. As you sit in the class, looking at the whiteboard, fear strikes: what if you can’t do this? Fear not, new physics student, here are a few tips on how to survive the first course of physics.

There is nothing to be scared of:

When you first discover you are enrolled in a physics class, there is a realization that this is the king of all math subjects. There are two main things you can take to heart; first there are those who have it worse than you. They could be an art major who is just fulfilling the math requirement. Secondly, someone had enough faith to put you in this class. This person would not set you up to fail. You can do it!

Live the Subject:

Just like a writer, who continuously looks for angles on which to write, you need to eat, breathe, and sleep physics. When you have a moment in the day, think about those problems that are giving you trouble. You’d be surprised what can come to mind at the strangest times.

Practice Makes Perfect:

When a musician picks up their first piece of music, do you think they are going to play the piece flawlessly and to performance standards? No. This also is the same with physics problems. When there are practice problems try to tackle them without looking at the answer key (except when checking your work). Soon, you will have the skill to conquer the problematic problem.


It is recommended that people work in groups, especially for physics. Someone in the group may see things differently than you. And that difference could be the road to success. Also you could brainstorm what the best way to do the problem and learn as you go along.

Reading is Fundamental:

When a reading assignment is given, do not skip it. Think of physics like a building. Each piece relies on the previously constructed piece. If you put the roof on a house before the walls, there is a certainty that the house will collapse. This goes the same for foundation and the walls. Each physics lesson is built on the previous lesson. Do not skim the lesson, expecting to understand it. Absorb that lesson and fully digest it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you succeed in your first physics homework assignment as well as many others that are sure to come.


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