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Math has been the scourge of students for decades. It seems like if you don’t get one thing in math, it’s impossible to catch up. Then, suddenly, it’s like the teacher is speaking in a different language and everyone but you is nodding their heads! Rest assured, you’re not the only one, and you’re probably not even the only one in your class! With so many people having so many problems, there is a ton of resources out there to help you through the seemingly impossible maze that is mathematics! Here are some tools to help you get the help you need to ace the next test.

  • Talk to your teacher. Many times, there are peer tutoring programs where classmates who really get math help out students who are struggling. It’s a lot less intimidating to sit down with someone your own age, rather than a much older tutor! It’s not professional level help, but it’s usually free and might just give you the tools to help you start figuring things out for yourself. If your school doesn’t have a peer tutoring program, talk to your principle about starting one. Or, your teacher might provide extra help after school that you can attend to get some more one-on-one help with whatever is troubling you the most!
  • Hire a local tutor. Check the bulletin boards at your school and your local library. Many times, tutors advertise there, and you’ll probably find at least one math tutor in the mix! Tutors charge different rates that they set themselves, so you could pay anywhere from $10-20 per hour, but it might be worth it if you are really behind and stressing out about that upcoming test. Tutors can also tailor your sessions specifically for your needs, whether it’s just a refresher course or in-depth weekly sessions. If you leave a session with a tutor feeling even more confused than before, don’t worry; it’s probably them, not you, so move onto another tutor who works better with you.
  • Online tutors. There are a plethora of online math tutors who can help you in live chats or webcam sessions as well. Many of them are part of larger websites, so you know you are getting real help from a real person! These websites also often have resources like practice tests, cheat sheets, and helpful exercises that you can use on your free time to further develop your skills. These websites can also take some of the edge off of asking questions; it’s easier to ask even your dumbest questions when you don’t feel someone’s judging eyes on you! Most websites are very up-front about their pricing, so you can shop around and find one that will fit your budget; some even offer free videos and tutoring that you don’t have to pay for! Avoid websites that simply solve math problems for you; these won’t help you improve, just leave you even further behind!

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