Three Must-Know Homework Strategies For High School Students

High school and homework are practically synonymous. High school students get assignments nearly every night for their four years. This much work can be overwhelming, especially for students who have part-time jobs or are active extra-curricular activities. While it is important for students to do all of their homework for learning purposes, students do need strategies to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Here are three strategies that students must know to succeed on their homework assignments:

  1. Read every night: This strategy is the top determiner of success both in school and out of school. Students should read something like a novel or a non-fiction book every single night for at least 20 sustained minutes. They should put their cell phones away during this time and put all of their focus on what they are reading. If they have sustained reading to do for their classwork, they can do that, but they need be sure that they read for 20 minutes. By reading for 20 minutes every night, they will increase their reading speed and their vocabulary. In fact, students who read 20 minutes every night, read over one million words in the course of the year.
  2. Get involved in the learning: If you are working on something difficult, it is important to take time to master it. Your learning is the purpose of doing work and if you are just going through the motions, you are not really learning. Take time to break down the steps you need to master and the vocabulary you need to understand. Some students will keep a vocabulary journal so they can go master terms for all of their classes. If you need to look up tutorials, there are plenty of lessons available on all subjects online. Hopefully, you will not need to spend time with tutorials every night.
  3. Develop a schedule: Students who have a regular schedule are more likely to finish their work each night. The best time to complete homework is right after school because the lessons of the day are still fresh. Students can also benefit from doing their assignments in the same place every evening, too. The work spot should be in a quiet place where students can focus, but still be comfortable. Ideally, students will establish a schedule and follow through on their homework without any reminders!

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