Social Studies Homework: Avoiding Mistakes

Social studies have a particular set of phraseology reference points and expressions, which the student that is new to the subject matter should take into account. This is because much of the subject matter relates to social history, political reform and other complex developments in American society.

  • The student must get used to using specific sociological reference terms.
  • Should the student fail to do this, he or she risks failing to be able to discuss the topic required.
  • The student has to treat the subject matter in a way relevant to social studies.
  • A student can refer to history or political developments, but he or she risks being deflected from the perspective of social development, such as women’s rights or racial equality.

The aim of social studies is to examine the development and reform of society.

  • Select the right topics according to social issues.
  • Decide on the right topics for homework.
  • Choose the best sources.
  • Support your argument with properly documented sources.
  • Failing to understand the question posed in the homework.
  • Failure to define the terms of study and the aims of social studies.
  • Failure to understand that social studies are not history studies.

Social studies concentrate on the development of society and the impetus of social reform movements.

  • International social studies are not a review of current affairs.
  • The United States has a complex and multi level social and ethnic development and the student must keep in mind the difference between government and local administration measures and the development of social and ethnic issues.

Students of social studies often have difficulty comprehending the breadth of the subject. They include:

  • Ethnicity, culture and race.
  • Gender issues.
  • Deviance and delinquency.
  • Environment, urbanization and population control.
  • Social change and the different perspectives of traditional and modernist points of view.
  • Being able to analyze social developments.
  • Understanding the past and applying the realities of the present.

One can understand this by contrasting the New Deal Policies in the depths of global recession in 1930 by President Roosevelt and the social program of President Obama and his health care and income distribution programs, which are facing multiple political challenges by the Republican Party in the context of a long running global recession.

With such complex subject matters, it is not surprising that social studies students get easily confused.


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