How Homework Affects Learning: Vital Advice From An Expert

Although homework can help all ages learn, it really works best for middle school or higher. Studies do not show any correlation between doing after school assignments and later academic success among elementary school students. Among high school and college students, homework provides a number of benefits.

Reinforces Learning

Even when students understand the concept, they are less likely to retain the information if they do not put the concept into practice. Since there are only so many hours in the school day, many assignments have to be completed after school. Studying for tests, doing math problems and writing essays are all assignments that are best completed at home. By doing this homework, students reinforce what they have learned in school and are better able to retain the information.

Saves School Hours

With just eight hours or less in school each day, each hour must be used productively. Doing math problems or other homework at school takes time from the student's learning. It also tends to be terribly inefficient because students complete assignments at a different rate. While some students take hours to struggle through the work, other students will understand the concept instantly. This second group of students ends up wasting valuable time as they wait for their classmates to catch up.

Modern Languages

Other than moving to another nation to become immersed in the language, the main way to learn a foreign language is through studying. Watching language videos, memorizing vocabulary and studying grammar are the key ways for students to become proficient. Without after school studying and assignments, students would take years longer to learn the information just in school.

Learn Time Management

Homework is beneficial on an entirely different level than just learning. It can actually prepare students for the real world. By learning how to accomplish projects and manage their time, students are actually getting ready for life in the workforce. These skills are extremely useful in the marketplace. From engineers to lawyers, knowing how to manage time is a vital skill to have.

Students rarely like to complete homework assignments. They can speed up the time it takes these assignments by working on it during spare moments throughout the day. Although completing homework can be difficult and time consuming, it is worth the effort. Learning time management skills and studying techniques will set up the students for a lifetime of learning and future projects in the workforce.


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