Math Homework Help Online: Can You Expect Good Quality For Free?

Resources for help with math homework have improved immensely in the past decade. The internet provides numerous options to help you with that confusing algebra, geometry or statistics for free but are they good quality? The answer is yes!

When you are frustrated with that stubborn math homework you will find free resources to help but in order to get the best help use the following criteria to narrow down the options:

  • Find sites with live humans to answer your questions.
  • Look for a format that allows you to post a question and numerous people can respond.
  • Free seems simple but on the internet advertising free isn’t always free. Some sites offer free help but will respond faster if you pay a fee. Look for hidden costs.
  • It is hard to get free help from a live human instantly so look for sites that respond within a day. Some sites offer email based questioning.
  • Use sites that have current and active members.
  • Make sure the site is well moderated. Bullies exist all over and a math chat room is no exception. Having a moderated site keeps the time wasters away.

It seems crazy that there would be live humans out there to give you quality help you with statistic homework but when people are passionate about something they love they are willing to help. These free sites are “run” by volunteers who want to help.

That said there are some basic courtesies you need to provide in order to get higher quality help:

  • Provide the complete problem. Half a problem will give you half an answer.
  • Show what you have completed on the problem and where you need help.
  • Use your manners! This cannot be stressed enough. You are the one with the problem not the person responding. They are giving you their time and knowledge for free!!!!!
  • Don’t expect them to do the work for you. They are there to HELP, not do. Posting an entire problem hoping for someone to come along and solve it for you is not acceptable.

There are many resources other than human help available on the internet. These static sites provide examples and explanations that will be similar to what you are doing. There are also numerous videos to get you through many common math problems.

Real human powered help, static sites and videos are readily available. Getting free quality help for your math homework is possible.


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