A Piece Of Advice From Experts On How To Do Homework Without Getting Stressed

Homework, it is no secret, can be very stressful. After a full day of work, coming back home and doing even more - with deadlines to boot - can be so daunting, that many students just sink into despair. However, take it from an expert: there are ways to make homework much less stressful. Below are just a few examples of things you can do to relax while still getting everything done.

  • Make a plan
  • Having a schedule with clear defined boundaries - when you need to start and when you need to start - can really take the stress out of homework. Make sure, of course, that you are realistic about how much time everything will take. It’s no good planning to do an essay, for instance, for half an hour because it won’t be enough. Then, when you don’t manage to finish in half an hour, it can feel even worse. So make sure your schedule is realistic.

  • Take breaks!
  • It can feel overwhelming, and the amount of work that you need to do, to the point where you feel you cannot take any breaks. However, it is really important to let your brain have a rest between exercises and different subjects so that it is fresh and ready for the next assignment. If your brain is tired and hasn’t been rested properly then focusing on homework can seem even more difficult and, when nothing is getting done, the stress will start to overwhelm you even further. So make a cup of tea, browse the internet or call a friend. Just make sure that it doesn’t take too long because otherwise you’ll be eating into valuable studying time!

  • Work smart, not hard
  • Think before you start. What can be done quickest and easiest (for instance, smaller pieces of homework or short exercises)? What is going to be more difficult or take more time? (For instance, essays, research and reading.) Make sure you sort out the easiest stuff and decide whether you want to get it out of the way or whether you want to save it for later when you’re feeling a little more tired. Remember, also, to work smart when tackling a piece of homework. Don’t waste your time by going back and forth, texting and messaging friends, for example, in between writing an essay or completing exercises. Instead, focus entirely on the task in front of you.


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