Why you'll never find a good homework helper online for free

Every so often, just about everyone will need a bit of help with their homework. Lets face it, if the homework was too easy and did not pose a challenge then it would not be worth setting and marking it. But sometimes its too much of a challenge! Help!

There are a lot of web-sites that offer free homework help for every subject in the curriculum, but it comes with a price tag.

Things to consider

You may be looking for help with Math or English homework. Your online homework helper (tutor) may not be a qualified teacher. They may not have the experience to deal with some of the difficulties that you may have with the homework but they may not have the experience to deal with any learning difficulties you may have that are associated with the subject.

The homework helper needs to be familiar with the curriculum you are studying.

Does the homework helper share the same first language as you? There are a lot of really good tutors online but sometimes if they do not share your language there is a lot that is lost in translation.

You need to check out the web-site, does it have positive recommendations? If your homework helper gives you incorrect support is there a system that can redress this problem?

Do they offer tuition as well as homework support? Are they able to help you understand a concept you are struggling with?

Do you need to register your credit or debit card in order to receive ‘free’ help?

What do they actually offer? Is the first consultation free? Is your tutor then suggesting that you need an undefined amount of support from them?

What happens if they help you, but you still do not understand the work? You may need to understand the homework in order to apply that learning to the work that you will be covering in class, as a basis for future projects.

Does the web-site give a guarantee for the accuracy and information that the homework helper gives? What is the cost to you if the information they give you is incorrect?

Basically you need to consider whether the advice and support that an online homework helper actually meets your needs. It may be a option to check out whether the other students on your group have a similar difficulty with a piece of homework. Or check out if other students have used an online homework helper and if so, what was their experience and what are their recommendations.


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