How to find reliable Physics homework answers online

No matter how good of a student, a student is sometimes they need help with their homework.  When working on a problem in physics, sometimes a student just needs help and this is okay.  Looking online is an excellent resources, the student needs to be able to know where to go to, and what to look for when it comes to searching for the answers they need.  Here are a list of steps and strategy for a student to find a reliable source of homework answer help.

Steps to Finding Answers

  • The first step a student can take when they are need to find an answer for the problem is that to find websites that end with the '. gov’ and '.edu' because these sites are made for solely the purpose of information sharing, not for profit.
  • The next thing is to find sites that are accurately on topic. That is why a student should really stay away from websites that end with dot com and others.  Having a website that focuses on just information, not sales or profit can really help the student know they are getting the correct information.
  • Some sites have a function that will allow the student to chat with a tutor.  The tutor will be able to work through the problem with the student, helping them understand what they are doing.
  • Finding video tutorials will also help the student find the answers that they need to complete their homework.  These videos are placed online by student for extra credit, or by professors who are aiding students.  These video are a great resource for a student who needs to find a solution.
  • Another source for student is to search for websites that are produced by a school, or other companies that will allow the student to input the problem and will show you step by step the solution.  While they do solve the problem for the student, it shows the student each part of the problem so that they will be able to others like it without the help.

When a student is in a pinch and they really need to search for a physics answers following these steps, to find the reliable sources of physics homework answers. Taking these steps will help the student find what they need in order to finish their homework. Just remember that a student should never pay money to a site to have their homework completed or for help.


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