Middle school homework planner: finding a balance between study and fun

Middle school students can sometimes get bombarded with homework assignments. A planner can help you organize your time, but when you want to have fun it seems your time is limited. Here is where you want to reevaluate time management skills, priorities and whether you are making the best of both. Once you have a plan in place to help you stay on track you can develop a schedule that will allow plenty of time for both study and fun.

Establishing a Good Understanding of Your Priorities (Prioritize)

Many students fail to prioritize. For many, this means to differentiate between needs and wants. A need is something like getting your homework done so you can get a good grade. A want is having fun. You may want to have fun but you need to think about what is important and how to get these things done. Put your situation into a realistic perspective. And remember, the sooner you get your work done the more time you have for fun later.

Can You Really Establish a Balance?

Some students may find this aspect challenging or impossible. For others it is how you look at the situation. You can look for ways to make your homework fun. Or, you can reward yourself when you get your work completed upon being serious with extra effort. Sometimes you need to understand your abilities and how to make them work best for you. Think about strengths and weaknesses. What are things you need to do to help yourself see the progress you want to achieve? Do you really want to achieve a balance between study and fun, or do you want to make changes to how each of them is completed?

What Goals with Be Necessary and Do You Have a Plan to Help You?

Sometimes establishing balance requires a plan you need to change every now and then. A plan can help you stick to actions you need to complete on a regular basis. What goals do you have in place to help you get your studies completed and allow you to have the fun you want to enjoy? A homework planner can help you get a visual idea of how your time is used during the day. You can look at how to spend more time during the week getting work done and how to have fun when it is done.


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