Why Homework Is Important: An Answer From An Expert

The debate is on whether or not to continue with homework. I say continue. Homework is so important for students for many reasons. We will look at the reasons to support the continuation of homework.

The overall idea behind homework is to give the students practice with the concepts that they are learning in class. These reasons support this overall point.

Homework gives teachers an idea whether or not to continue on

The teacher prepares a lesson and then they present the information to the class and assign them some homework. The next day in class, the homework is handed in and the teacher has an idea of whether or not to move on to the next topic or revisit that topic again. If everyone struggled with the homework, than it is a good idea to reteach the lesson in a different way. If everyone found it easy or completed it, then the teacher knows to move on.

Homework gives the student an idea of what they need to work on

If teachers just gave exams and no homework, a lot more students would not be prepared. They will have no idea what they need to study because they have not practiced any of the problems on their own. They will also have no idea what things to study because they won’t have the homework assignments to use as a guide for what will be on the test.

Homework is practice

If homework is handled effectively, it can be used as a tool for practicing the concepts that they are learning in class. The practice will help them learn the tasks that they need to know for the future. However, there is a disconnect when the student can’t finish the homework. In that case, it make sense for the instructor to make sure that the students take notes in class or have a handout to explain what to do. Teachers should also go through the homework the next day so that the student can know immediately what they did wrong. It does no good to get a corrected assignment back a few days later. However, that can be effectively rectified by having them correct the assignment.

Homework is important. If the struggle is whether to get rid of it all together it really should be to revamp how it is being utilized, so that it is being done properly.


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