History Homework: Just Do It!

History homework is much the same as any other core subject. One would approach it as any other subject. Normally a course in History will require the writing of several research papers as a requirement for the course in addition to the completion of many assignments and examinations. In order to produce quality schoolwork, it is important that certain elements be in place. Please believe that you can achieve your academic goals and approach your projects with a positive attitude.

Action Steps

These are some steps, which can guide you through the process of turning in appropriate, and timely homework assignments.

What one might do is to establish the date that the project is due. Then schedule study time that breaks down the steps into small increments to be accomplished each day. A study schedule may be constructed so as to finish all assignments early so that they can be checked and revised as necessary.  Structuring the study schedule so that it would be possible to turn in work early is always desirable.

Cognitive Dissonance

Apparently, though a problem in doing the homework occurred, judging from the title. The title indicates that there may have been some hesitancy in doing the assignments; that there was a motivation problem. Assuming there are no cognitive barriers in doing the work, the title is suggesting that the student simply practice muscle control and move his muscles in the direction of his schoolwork.


Motivation and moving the muscles is the subject matter. The student needs to want to learn. This is where the authority figures; the teachers and the parents, et al, can help. Let children live their history lessons and homework by letting them talk to their parents and grandparents. Let them help do the family genealogy and help write stories about their families.


Starting with a subject that is real and interesting or comparing the homework to an action step for a survival of their family can help motivate a child.

If the whole family is working together to help, the child’s motivation can occur. If the child understands that by doing his history homework, each person in his family is helped and the family is helped as a whole, the child may be motivated. This motivation comes from his genuine love and concern for his family and in understanding that he can play a role in the survival of his family as a whole, and play a role in the survival of each family member.

The other method mentioned is to immerse the lesson in a scenario that is fascinating to the child such as comic books or theater or favorite books for example. Life experiences, conflicts, right down to history lessons can be worked out in comic books as children are directed to create their own comic books. Using theater scenes can create an avenue for catharsis or venting if there are emotional or family issues blocking the child from doing his schoolwork.

The expression mind over matter is a familiar quotation. Using some of the methods above, the child may come to find reasons, motivation for doing his work.


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