How To Do Spell And Grammar Check Online For Free

After your academic assignment is ready, you should edit and proofread it carefully. It’s a good idea to use an online spell and grammar check software for free, as it can significantly improve your writing by identifying errors and suggesting alternative corrections. Though the software easily gasps grammar mistakes, spelling is checked straightforward, so you should read your writing at least once after everything is ready.

The information provided below will help you use these checkers effectively:

  1. Be aware that users of online spell and grammar helpers often face the following common problems:
    • Some grammar errors aren’t identified as errors.
    • The suggested corrections are inaccurate.
    • A grammatically correct sentence is highlighted as incorrect.
  2. Keep in mind that there’re numbers of words and expressions that have multiple meanings and can be used differently in different cases, so you should pay special attention to them and use a dictionary if you have any doubts.
  3. Learn what types of errors are identified by chosen software and how they’re identified.
  4. The common errors that are identified by every online checker include:

    • Comma after an introductory element in a sentence
    • Comma before “which” and “and”
    • Poor sentence structure
    • Split infinitive
    • Incorrect use of the apostrophe and semicolon
    • Fragment of a sentence
  5. Use your search engine and select several free spell and grammar check options.
  6. You can find plenty of free options on the Web. It’s recommended to select several checkers, read short how-to manuals, and check a small text to find out how well they work. You should choose the one that catches more mistakes. However, make sure that you feel comfortable working with it.

  7. Ask your classmates about how they edit and proofread their assignments.
  8. If you don’t know what software to choose, you can talk to your classmates or former students to find out what spell and grammar checkers they use and find helpful. It also makes sense to visit a forum devoted to academic writing, as students always share tips and suggestions on how to improve their writings without much efforts.

  9. Double-check your text.
  10. It’s impossible to find software that will identify and help you correct each and every mistake in your document. Therefore, you should double-check your work by reading it aloud, for instance. If you have trouble trying to catch mistakes in own writing, you can ask your friends for help. They can easily notice misprints and spell errors.


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