20 tricks to get biology homework answers for free

  1. Read the lecture material prior to class. This will actually only take a few minutes of your time, but can save you so much more time in the long run.
  2. Pay attention during lab sessions. It might be boring and you might want to snooze but do not! Pay attention and take copious notes.
  3. Always perform the experiments even if you aren’t graded on them. Your learning is often hands-on, so get your hands on the experiment.
  4. Sit in the front of class. Studies indicate that you will learn better sitting in the front of the class, so get a seat early.
  5. Make sure the teacher knows you by name (in case you need recommendations later). This will also come in handy if ever you run into issues with class attendance or need an extension for something. Teachers are much more willing to help a student they know rather than a student who they have never seen in class before.
  6. Compare notes with friends from class. Fill in anything you missed. You might have missed a key sentence or formula while writing notes and this gives you the opportunity to correct that.
  7. Review notes when you have a free minute in between classes.
  8. Do not cram for tests.
  9. Begin studying at least two weeks before a scheduled exam.
  10. Stay awake in class, no matter how boring the lecture or topic.
  11. Find useful resources to aid you with studying.
  12. Do not procrastinate. Biology problems take longer than other homework so you need to start early in order to finish everything.
  13. Use flashcards. Some information is actually better learned during the process of actually making the cards. You can switch around the order so that you test areas that you might be shaky in, and enjoy extra learning.
  14. Use a highlighter, judiciously. Most textbooks have bold faced fonts for a reason. Your professor will probably note the areas that will be included in your test, so highlight them.
  15. Use mnemonics when memorizing.
  16. Work through the example problems, if applicable. Extra practice will in fact make perfect.
  17. Know your test. Learn the self-quizzes and problems in your text, so that you are prepared for the test.
  18. Use exam prep books if you can find them for your class. Extra practice is really a good thing.
  19. Use office hours if they are available for any concept you don’t understand.
  20. Always ask for help if you need it!

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