Homework Help With Algebra: Some Tips On How To Improve Your Grades

Start by admitting that math homework can be tough. When kids struggle with math homework they often feel like they are stupid or not smart because they are struggling. These feeling of self-doubt can hurt their success so diffuse as much of these thoughts and feelings right off the bat by letting them know it is ok to ask for help and it is ok to not be good at something right away. If you are doing math homework alone, remember that it is ok to struggle and it does not mean you are a bad student.

Rather than simply asking how the teacher said to do the problem, ask them to show you an example problem. If your child remembered how the teacher did the math problems they likely would not be sitting there asking you for help. Find sample problems in the text book, the homework, or online. Once you have an example problem you can then begin to work through the process of figuring out the problem. You may find the help you need on the first site, or you may not. Try a few sites if the first one doesn’t help. When you are doing math homework on your own make sure you spend some time searching for good examples, and if you need help figuring out part of the process, ask a classmate or friend for some help.

Use the sample problem and the information your child can recall from the class lesson and discussions to help them through the steps that they will need to go through to solve the problem. Make notes and s how the work for each step that you complete. This will accomplish several things- whether you are working on the math homework with someone or if you are going at it on your own:

  • It will help remind you that math is a process that involves intricate steps that must be followed exactly.
  • When you do find the steps that give you the right answer, use them to work through the other problems.
  • The process of working through the problems and showing your steps will give you something to show your instructor to let them get a better idea of where you might be going wrong.

Remember that it is ok to have trouble with math and if you have spent 20 minutes on one math problem type and cannot figure it out, you might be better to admit that the math has won this round and that you will have to wait for help in order to finish- and that is fine!


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