5 Creative Homework Hints to Help You reach the Top

If you are sick of getting only b’s and c’s and want too be the top of your class we have some tips for you. Being the best at academics is possible when you know what you are doing. Many students think that you have to be extremely intelligent to ace your homework assignments, but the truth is you just need to be “SMART”. When we say the word SMART we do not mean that you have an extremely high I.Q. What we are referring to is that you understand what it takes to do well in your classes.

How To Be SMART, Creative Homework Hints For Students

S – Start early!

Procrastination is one of the main reasons why many students do not do well in their classes. When you put things off until the last minute you end up completing them in a hurry. When this happens you do not pay attention to the little details and end up making careless mistakes. Instead, get started as soon as your project is assigned. Set and goal for completion and stick to it!

M – Make Time To Study

When you are in High School and College there are many extra-curricular activities going on that can distract you from your studies. Believe it or not it is possible to have an active social life AND do well in school. All you need to do is schedule a bit of time each day to study. This means you will not need to cram for major exams or projects instead you will be on top of your classes and ahead of the game.

A- Ask Questions

Your instructors are not just there to look pretty! If you pay for your tuition then you deserve to get the most out of your education. Take advantage of office hours or schedule a meeting with your instructor to get extra help. Make sure you ask plenty of questions so that you clearly understand your lessons. This will help you do better on your homework and when it comes time to write a test.


Reading makes you smarter! Students who wish to succeed should make an effort to read educational books outside of the classroom. If you wish to better understand ideas and concepts explore different material outside of the classroom.

T- Talk To Other Students

Have you ever heard the expression “two heads are better than one?” When it comes to Homework and studying for exams working together with another student can really help you improve. This is because as you discuss different ideas and concepts you will come to understand them better. Not to mention when the time comes you will likely remember your conversation and this will trigger your memory.


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